Why Cashbook?

About Cashbook

Like so many other industries, bookkeeping has undergone extraordinary technological change over the past few years. At Cashbook, our job is to ensure you benefit from these changes by helping to put updated services and procedures in place that will allow your business to take advantage of the latest in financial technology.

Ultimately, this technology will help give you what every business owner desires…time.
Time to spend in building the business, time to spend with family and friends, or just some well-deserved ‘me’ time.
Talk to Cashbook today about how we can streamline your bookkeeping using the latest financial software and automation tools, along with our professional, up-to-date bookkeeping knowledge.

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Our Core Values

Integrity is fundamental to everything we do at Cashbook
We strive to provide a warm, passionate and friendly service
We are 100% committed to helping our clients and their businesses
We stay up-to-date so you benefit from the latest information and technology
We arrive with smile, a sense of fun and a positive, can-do attitude

About Hayley Louise

After working in the disability field for 15 years, Hayley Louise decided she needed to do something different. So, in 2009, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce and has worked in finance and administration ever since.
While spending several years working for a company managing all aspects of their finances, Hayley realised that she still had a burning desire to help people. And so, Cashbook was born with a passion to help business owners simplify their bookkeeping and reach their goals. Hayley loves working with the business owners to make their life easier by managing what she is good at so her clients can concentrate on what they do best…run their business. Hayley is a Registered BAS Agent and proficient in Xero and MYOB and a host of software add ons for both programs designed to streamline and simplify the whole bookkeeping process.